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Contractors Accommodation 

The Overland Motel is a great accommodation facility for contractors and company employees. We provide competitive Breakfast, Crib, Dinner & Accommodation packages.

Please contact our reception for details and pricing. Please see our meal schedule specified below.


Buffet breakfast open 4.00 am – 8.00 am providing a classic hot breakfast buffet, continental options and a salad bar.

Self-serve crib lunch available to take away. Choose between a selection of sandwiches, rolls, wraps, pre-made hot lunches, fresh fruit, cakes, and bottled water.

Buffet Dinner commencing 4.00 pm – 8.00pm. This includes choice of various hot main meals, vegetables, selection of salads and a choice of desserts.

Laundry Options

The Overland provides the option of doing laundry using our token operated washers and dryers (4$ per load) or having our staff do the washing for a set price per 5kg bag of laundry.

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